ASB Governance

The Global Steering Group (GSG) is a policy and decision-making body whose primary role is to provide overall governance and guidance to ASB. The GSG operates as a consultative group in determining priorities for the consortium.


North-South balance in the GSG is an important asset for ASB. It helps integrate across disciplines and interests, especially the top-down aspects of global environmental concerns and the bottom-up nature of rural development.

The GSG is made of institutions that support the objectives of ASB and accept the operating principles , including international centers, national agricultural research systems (NARS), non-governmental organizations and advanced research institutes (ARIs).




The ASB Global Steering Group and scientists from the partnership, at the 2009 governance meeting in Washington DC.

Front (L-R):  Dennis Garrity (ICRAF), Jonathan Haskett (ICRAF), Martin Tchienkoua (IRAD), Fahmuddin Agus (AARC/CRIFC). Middle: Miguel Barandiaran (INIA), Romolo T Aggangan (PCARRD), Joyce Kasyoki (ASB), Claudi Carvalho (EMBRAPA), Brent Swallow (University of Alberta) Rear: Robin Matthews (MLURI), Peter A Minang (ASB), Jim Gockowski (IITA), Glenn Hyman (CIAT), Cesar Sabogal (AI), Doug White (research4development&conservation), Meine van Noordwijk (ICRAF),


Currently, the institutions represented on the GSG are:

National institutions:

International institutions :


GSG membership remains flexible with pragmatic criteria based on the following guidelines: Representation on the GSG is based on institutions and not on individuals. That being the case, all national and regional facilitators have a seat on the GSG.


Responsibilities of the ASB GSG include:

The Chair

The Chair of the GSG facilitates the governance of ASB. Since 2003, the Chair is elected on a 2 year basis, on rotation among the CGIAR institutions in the GSG.  Currently, ICRAF is serving as Chair of GSG in 2009-2010.


The Chair convenes the GSG meetings on a regular basis and presides at these meetings. The GSG seeks decisions through consensus-building.

Whenever possible, in conjunction with a regular GSG meeting, time will be allocated to discussion of ASB science to facilitate integration and synergies across partners, places and scales of operation.