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Rainforest Challenge Candidate Sites

Candidate Sites by WWF Global 200 Ecoregion

Candidate Sites by Tropical and Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forest Biome

Candidate Sites, Sub-Saharan Africa

Candidate Sites, Southeast Asia

Candidate Sites, Latin America and the Caribbean


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The ASB Consortium: Introduction

Opportunities for Avoided Deforestation with Sustainable Benefits (2008)
Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA)- ASB's Contribution
Improving the balance between rainforest
conservation and poverty reduction (The ASB Matrix) - Poster

Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA) - ASB Peru Poster

VOICES 2 - Prisca Oye: Looking to a future beyond the forests of Central Africa

VOICES 3 - Virgulino da Costa Nascimento: Coming full circle in the Brazilian Amazon

VOICES 4 - Elena Trigoso-Grandes: Organising for progress and equality in Ucayali, Peru

VOICES 6 - Somkit Kirikumsap: Preserving traditions, conserving resources

VOICES 7 - Bernardino Dumo: Leading by example in Mindanao, the Philippines

VOICES 8 - Dwi and Anton: Weighing the risks of insecure land rights in Sumber Jaya, Indonesia