BNPP Project Description

Functional Value of Biodiversity

    Executive Summary - Project summary
    Synopsis - Objectives, approach and impacts (Jul 2002)

     Project Description

Efforts to 'mainstream' biodiversity have been frustrated by lack of scientifically based, comprehensive assessments of the functional contribution of biodiversity conservation to rural livelihoods and economic development. While there are many such functional contributions, one of the most frequently discussed is the contribution of conservation to maintenance of key hydrological processes. This project will assist the Bank and its clients in project development and policy analysis by:
  • Providing systematic assessments, for significant areas of the humid tropics, of the hydrological value of forests with biodiversity significance in promoting local livelihoods and resilience to economic and environmental shocks.
  • Assessing the nature, magnitude, geographical scope, and relation to poverty of these hydrological values and processes.
  • Forging a strategic partnership with the ASB (Alternatives to Slash and Burn) Consortium of CGIAR - affiliated research organizations and their local partners, linking their expertise in agronomy, forestry, biology, and hydrology with DEC expertise in poverty, economic geography, and environmental services and applying these tools to the operational and policy concerns.

BNPP Phase I

Phase I Work-plan and T.O.R.

  Terms of Reference Terms of Reference for Phase I
  Work-plans Work-plans and TOR's for Phase I Activities

Phase I outputs

  Pan-tropic Report Pan-tropic Analysis of the Functional Value of Biodiversity
  Pan-tropic Maps Maps from the Pan-tropic Analysis
  South East Asia  
  Report Scale effects of land cover change on watershed functions 
  Report and Data Assessment Report and available data in South East Asia
  Central America  
  Report and Data Assessment Report and assessment of available data for C. America
  Data Inventory List of available GIS/Census data for Phase II
  Data Assessment World Bank GIS data for Central America
  Rio Paz, El Salvador  
  Rio Paz Report Executive Summary
  Data and Publications Available data and publications for the Rio Paz watershed


Phase II Work-plan and T.O.R.

Workplan for Phase II

Phase II Outputs


  Web based management tool

Documents the project having the implementation protocols as base. 


  ASB BNPP Summary of Findings

Documents the key findings of the Functional Values of Biodiversity project. 


  ASB BNPP Phase II Project completion report (updated)

Documents that all project deliverables are completed according to the contract. 

ASB BNPP Policybriefs 

  ASB BNPP Policybrief #1, Tropical Forests and Water Supply

  ASB BNPP Policybrief #2, Local Hazards of Tropical Deforestation

Main synthesis products, translate the technical activities into policy relevant products. 


Freely available datasets used in the project.

Implementation Protocols

  Activity 1

  Activity 2

Final versions reflect the state of development of the project through October 2003.

Technical Reports

  Activity 1

  Activity 2

Details the methodologies and results of both activities of the Project. 

Disclaimer: "This work was supported [in part] by the Bank-Netherlands Partnership Program. The findings and interpretations are the authors' and do not necessarily reflect the views of the World Bank, its Executive Board of Directors, or the countries they represent."

BNPP Documents

Phase I discussion

  Phase II research priorities Scale effects of land cover change on watershed functions (draft)
  WWF Literature Review Creating Incentives for River Basin Management as a Conservation Strategy
  BNPP issues papers Suggestions for 3 BNPP issue papers
  SLUM meeting, Chiang Mai 2001 Symposium CD-ROM, presentations and discussions
  South East Asia  
  FALLOW model Watershed functions in dynamic landscapes
  Rainfall Generator Rainfall Map Generator
  Thematic Maps Slideshow of basic themes for South East Asia
  Central America  
  Datasets in C. America Slideshow of some example maps
  Upper Watersheds? How to define upper regions of watersheds
  Guatemala maps Simple municipal statistics in Guatemala
  Watersheds in Guatemala Comparing watershed methods in Guatemala
  Poverty Map - Nicaragua Final Report on Nicaragua poverty map. (English/Spanish)
  Poverty Map - Guatemala Final Report on Guatemala poverty map (Spanish)
  Rio Paz, El Salvador  
  Rio Paz, Overview Summary of the Rio Paz Development Plan (Spanish)



Phase II discussion

  Report Nomogram for maintaining forests to avoid watershed function problems
  Report Example Interface for the TYGRIS (Typology of Global River Systems) River Basin Analysis Tool
  Progress Presentation Progress report to BNPP, WB, September 12, 2002.  [4Mb]
  Nomogram Archive Documents related to the Nomogram [2 Mb]
  Typology Archive Documents relates to the Terrain Typologies
  Pan-tropic Analysis Slideshow from DC Meeting June 20/21 [2 Mb]
  FAO Global Forest Data Slides of initial analysis of FAO Forest 2000 data [1 Mb]
  South East Asia  
  Central America  
  Working Paper - Text Forest/Hydrology/Poverty-Nexus Working Paper
  Working Paper - Figures Working Paper Figures [2Mb]
  Central America Analysis Slideshow from DC Meeting June 20/21 [7 Mb]
  Cross Scale analysis Slideshow of 'critical' watersheds at various scales [1.4Mb]
  Rio Paz, El Salvador